To make business by making sense

New hydrodegradable material | Ecology | Innovation

On August 3, 2018, Chile became the first country in South America to ban the distribution and use of plastic bags. In parallel, Roberto Astete Boettcher, the CEO of the Chilean company Solubag, announced last month the invention of a non-plastic bag that dissolves into water. An invention which could change the face of the world.

Solubag : why didn’t the others try ?

« I think that it’s easier to continue doing the same process when you always get success. In the case of Solubag, we have always wanted to do it in a different way by changing the basis of the product. We never feared to fail. We wanted to solve a problem instead of getting a benefit. Now that we found the answer to this problem, we want to get benefits. That’s why we continue to work on the reduction of the price. »

Excelente periodista, un agrado de compartir una entrevista con él.